The Three Best Ways To Relieve Work Stress

As most know, stress works exponentially, so the more there is, the harder it is to get rid of. There are many times people believe they are relieving stress when in reality, they are only making it worse.

Eating, for example, isn’t relieving stress. Eating is just simply satisfying your brain during a break, so again, no progress to reduce unease. However, there are some things one can do that oppose avoiding problems and stress, and better yet, help to manage them and give time for reflection in the current situation.


Scheduling is quite common but ignored by many who fail to see its benefits. Regularly, individuals think they can balance their workload and tasks in their head. Even if this were the case and done so properly, it’s still exposing a person to more stress because now he or she will have to remember what needs to be done on top of preparing to complete it.

Scheduling can be done many different ways. Whether by a written planner, note document in a phone, or sticky notes on a screen, recording the task assures you have acknowledged it, but also implemented it into your brain requiring less focus to try and remember. Taking the action to record is almost in itself enough to no longer need to worry about recalling the future burden.

Schedules can also reduce stress by assuring someone they are done with their assigned tasks, and there is no more to do. The anxiety always lingers that, “I may have forgotten something,” whereas on a schedule, if written down immediately, prevents this fear from ever coming back.

Through assurance, scheduling helps immensely because when it comes to due dates, it’s better to know and not need than to need and not know.



Most people know exercising is a form of stress relief that actually physically removes stress from the body. Stress can be caused when you feel your tasks are out of control, so what better way to feel in control than to regain your strength through brute force?

Along with all the health benefits provided from exercising and the force of alleviation, exercise can help relieve stress by giving you time to reflect, plan, and anticipate what is to come. Referring back to how eating is not a form of stress relief, if you’re eating, you might have some form of entertainment with you as well. You tell yourself to relieve stress you need to “relax and focus on something else.” If you’re exercising, even with music, you’re still thinking and reflecting through your day. Doing this will help to find the solutions to your problems as they may come to you while working out.

As it is performed, exercise can become an outlet for everything and also an entrance for euphoria as it is known exercise becomes an obsessive task. Making exercise important in one’s life, in turn, becomes easier over time, making it one of the best and most physically and mentally beneficial methods of relieving stress.


Sit in Silence

Meditation is known as a form of stress relief by many, but if you’re not one for meditation, at least try letting your mind wander. If thinking over and through your problems helps to diminish stress while working out or venting problems onto a schedule, you can still gain this benefit even if you aren’t doing anything.

If you do not take the time to sit and think every once in a while, you will not ever be mentally prepared for what you are trying to accomplish. Try taking some time before you start a task to stop what you were doing and think about what you did and what you are about to do.

Frequently, people think anxiety and stress must be removed by avoiding them and giving themselves an outlet will help. However, the outlet has to be an actual “outlet” and not a distraction. Removing stress is worked through and preparing for it in the future will remove the worry that comes along with it.

The best way to deal with stress is to learn to live with it, understand why it is present, and be able to combat it by being clear to anticipate it’s next move.

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