Five Best Websites To Kill Downtime

Computer play has gone beyond solitaire. Web browsing is no longer goal orientated but entertainment. There are more than 1.5 billion websites online. Each of them is just a click or keystroke away.

Some of those 1.5 billion websites have become so good at fighting for our attention, we end up spending multiple hours with our eyes locked on a screen.

Those with simple ideas and useful design elements make killing downtime easy. This makes the random websites we stumble into sometimes feel like finding entertainment gold.

These websites demonstrate how to make sure boring downtime isn’t the pain it used to be.

The magazine “Sky Mall” used to be on almost all airplanes. It was the perfect magazine to browse things that you might find cool, absurd, interesting or just plain weird.

Thisiswhyimbroke took that idea and made a catalog of all the items that make you raise an eyebrow and ask, “Who would ever buy this and why do I suddenly want it?”

Ever wanted to print your face on a slice of cheese? You can do that with The Cheese Printer for $7.99. You can buy a giant 10-pound Toblerone bar for $145.

The site can even help narrow in your dreams if you won the Powerball and want to buy Dracula’s Castle for $80 million.

While the range of items is almost endless, the amount you spend is not. Browse this site with caution or else you’ll learn what it truly means to say you purchased something from

This website has made a game out of an online encyclopedia.

Each visitor is prompted with two random things that have Wikipedia pages. The goal is to get from the starting page to the goal page by only clicking the hyperlinks on the Wikipedia articles.

The pages you’re given are random. Players might have to go from the RMS Titanic to the respiratory system.

In this case, a path exists by going from the RMS Titanic to clicking the hyperlink to New York City, then JFK International Airport, American Airlines, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, jet airliner, jet engine, gas turbine, exhaust gas, air pollution and finally the respiratory system.

The Wiki Game encourages out of the box thinking and imaging what pages might have the links to form a path. The website also allows users to choose their start and goal pages to challenge friends.

Plus, you will notice the investigative method used to play adds snippets of random information and interesting facts in your brain.

It’s a fun, competitive and quick game to play just by visiting the website and clicking play now.

Sometimes mindlessly browsing isn’t enough to stimulate the brain when bored and the only solution is a competitive multiplayer game.

In the 90s, Nokia phones had a game known as Snake dating back to the arcade days. By moving only a few directions to collect dots on a screen, you leave behind a trail resembling a snake.

Slither took Snake to another level and made it multiplayer.

In Slither, you start small and collect dots to increases your snake’s size. A larger snake, controlled by someone else playing the game, can eat a smaller snake making all the other players who have collected more dots a threat.

The game itself grew in popularity as a game that can be played on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Slither topped the Apple Store shortly after it’s release and was one of the 1,000 most visited sites by July 2016.

The game itself can be played anywhere for as long as your snake stays alive. The only downside of this game is once you get eaten, you start from scratch and must collect dots all over again.

If normal news sites bore you with disinteresting articles, Mix is the solution.

Mix is a site that presents personalized articles for you to read with an endless selection all catered to you.

It works by having visitors select interest such as “Social Media”, “Technology” and “Physics” which can be stored if you make an account.

Articles on the site may also be news articles from The Guardian, Forbes and other trusted news sources.

“Rather than being merely a source for breaking news, Mix is aimed at taking its users deeper into the things that interest and matter to them, helping them learn more about their favorite topics and discover new and interesting things,” Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead, freelancer writer for Small Business Trends wrote in an article titled, “What is Mix and How Do I Use it for My Business?”

The site also uses a feature called collections. If you want to save articles for later, you can. Other users can also see your collections and you can browse theirs.

Hours are spent on not just the articles the site has to offer, but in building collections, sharing collections and viewing what other users have added to their favorited articles.

Mix has taken the essential news site and made a way for users to filter out what they don’t want to read. Articles on Mix are treated like posts making the site a perfect social media and news site combination. is a game site that serves up nostalgia for people born before 2000.

The site contains over 15,000 games. However, the games on the website are not on the site because they are popular now. These games used to be popular 20 or 30 years ago and have since been lost in time.

The idea of this site is one that sounds like a simple and easy idea but is beyond difficult to make.

Most games on the site are old games that weren’t played on a desktop computer, so the creators of the website had to reverse engineer the games and recreate them.

For that much effort, this site assures visitors that they can play old games without any of the problems they had back in the day when the tube TV just didn’t cut it.

If you want to play Pacman, you can play it. And if you’re a fan of Tetris or the Oregon Trail, you can play those too. Any game that you might only have a faint recollection of playing at a friend’s house multiple decades ago can be found here.

The site’s only goal is to act as an easy to sort through archive of old games based on category. If you only wanted to look at games made from 1985 or only games for the Atari, this site will help lead you to that lost memory of a game.

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