Use 2019 For Long-term Hope and Commitment 

The new year is here.

We all have resolutions or just a commitment to continue on a path we may have just started or been working on.

In some cases, the process of analyzing what we should do next isn’t exactly clear.

Sometimes thinking far into the future doesn’t seem to settle any doubts in our mind about what we want to do next because as short-term goals rearrange, how do we make the long-term ones stick and possible?

The best thing to do isn’t to find new goals for 2019, but look back on what we were pursuing and what we can continue to do for more and better results.


A new journey

I recently started on a new path, a new goal, and my worries for what may or may not happen have already arrived.

I haven’t even been working toward this goal for a month and I already am starting to doubt what I can do.

However, before I started, I knew I could and would dedicate myself to continue going and continue developing what I am working on and be flexible with shifts in how I might do so.

The problem with starting is that I saw the potential for shifts in ideas, but the ideas were unclear and not concrete enough to allow a switch.

My resolution, if I would call it that, is to continue on this path even if I have no idea what it is I am pursuing and how I will change it.

We have an ample amount of time to develop our work, and although we may feel rushed to make it succeed, sometimes practice and clear thinking can prepare us so when the new ideas come forth, we will have a better understanding of how to tackle them.

It’s a matter of understanding how to go through with an idea instead of declaring a new idea as the new pursuit with no plan of how to tackle it.

An individual can have a great idea for a business, but having never run a business before, this new business idea can fall through quickly. The pursuit to make it successful falls off.

But what if they had a failure in business before? Would it have given them more direction on how to take the new path with better conceptions of what goals to tackle and what obstacles will appear?


The new year

The best thing to do, now that it is 2019, is start by just dedicating yourself without fear.

Dedicate yourself to something that might fail.

Be comfortable with what you are getting yourself into so you can learn from it and try again. Failures shape successes and although we all have heard that before, we may not understand exactly what it is referencing.

Having hope that something will work may not be enough. But trying and trying again until something sticks is the only real way to have a successful business, idea or creative pursuit that we can utilize in our lives.

Long-term hope and commitment may sound scary if what we are diving into isn’t a 100% complete idea, but with no other plan, trying on something will at least get us working and close to what we want to happen in the inevitable end or primary point of our work.

The new year isn’t exactly a time to make a resolution, but to understand that dedication toward something that may even be digging into the ground is still dedication and should be practiced.

Take the time to understand what is worth your time. Productivity overpowers hoping success will happen. Take an idea that sounds abstract and impossible and pursue it just for the learning experience.

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