The Tools We Use Shape Productivity

I write with a fountain pen and have been writing with one for a little over a year.

I have gotten different fountain pens, tried different manufacturers fountain pens and even started learning a thing or two about the differences in the pens themselves.

All the while, I believe using a fountain pen has helped me with not just collecting ideas in a bullet journal, but it also has improved my grades.

At first, this would bring up the question of why? Why do I believe the utensil I am using has helped me as much as I claim it has.

The simple explanation is relating it to living off the excitement of opening a new gift (like a shirt) and wanting to try out what you just got (putting on the shirt).


Excitement from something new

I used to not take notes in my courses.

On occasion, I still might take a break and decide if the notes that day seem important to write or not.

Yet my choice shifts when I have my fountain pen because the high of making a clean and neat note page is much easier to get when the pen makes it attractive. In turn, I will want to take notes.

This might sound strange, but it makes sense.

The thing I hated about taking notes was crossing off misspelled words and going over letters trying to fix my crappy handwriting resulting in an unattractive page of notes.

With a fountain pen, I love the look of the notes and I take my time more to make sure what I write is organized properly.

The utensil is what I am playing with. The notes are just the outcome of me playing with the pen.

But what happens when I get bored of it and the writing starts to not be fun anymore?

See, that’s the part that I continue to address.

Maybe it has gotten stale, so what can I do to make it feel new and fun again? Buy another one.

The collection of pens I have is growing because I keep trying out new nibs which are the part you are actually writing with.

Along with different inks and different weights in the pens themselves, I’m occupied knowing when I go to work the day after I got a new pen, I will be organizing something I might not have taken the time to do simply because I want to try out the new pen.

My example is a fountain pen because that’s what I’ve come to experience. But I assure everyone that this thought process and examining the effect of collecting something just so I can use it more applies to more than just pens.


Out with the old, in with the new

When you get new clothes, one of the first things you’ll want to do is try it on, right?

What about if you like the outfit you picked out and want to wear it? You will probably hope it’s the middle of the day and you still have a chance to wear it out.

The same can be said with just about anything that’s new that might otherwise be ignored.

New vacuum? Probably going to clean and try it out. New food packager? Might try and package some food for later to test it.

The end result I’m getting at is new encourages out of the ordinary action.

The tools we use can get stale and replacement of old things make us go back to something we might have ignored.

I’m not saying the best thing to do to be productive is to start a collection. But I’m also not saying that wouldn’t work.

To keep in check with getting things done that need to be done, simply excite yourself for a task you might initially want to ignore.

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