Preparing vs Procrastinating

I’m about to start doing something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while. Two things actually.

I want to learn web design, specifically coding to make practical and websites that will be helpful for not just me, but anyone that may stumble upon the website and see it’s purpose.

I also want to start streaming on the creation of these websites because I think it’ll be cool to see the behind the scenes of a website and also to see the view of someone learning vs someone that already knows all. Those types of creative streams tend to be hard to follow when someone coding is working super fast and you don’t understand it. I want my stream to be entertaining for whoever else is in my position.

The problem is, because I haven’t started other than getting logos and certain stream designs together, at what point am I preparing and how do I differentiate that from procrastinating?

I have read my fair share of self-help books, and while a lot of them may be repetitive, the parts that tend to stick with you are the ones that show up in your mind later in life. And in this case, I can call out when I am procrastinating vs preparing.


Making an effort to prepare

There’s something I remember from what I’ve read and something I’ve brought up a few times before because of how consistently true it has been.

When it comes to ideas, everyone assumes it is inspiration, motivation then action.

On the outside it makes sense. You get inspired to do something, as thoughts start working together, you get motivated to do it and lastly, you put that idea into action.

While this does it happen, if it is your job to come up with ideas or you are lazy and want to start doing something, waiting for inspiration is hurtful.

There are ways to get inspired and to trigger ideas in your mind, which can be helpful if the idea is the basis of what you are expecting, but not needing to wait on.

When you do need to force an idea, however, the order of that idea process is reversed.

The true order of ideas is action, inspiration then motivation.

In this order, action comes first.

How do coders get ideas of what to code? By coding when there are still no ideas present. By practicing and learning to code with that being the end goal.

If you’re learning something or taking action to get better in a field of creation or content making, inspiration comes from what you learn.

When coders stumble upon a line of code that does something they haven’t seen before, they start thinking of the possibilities of what can be done with it.

Inspiration comes from being exposed to things that are out there and will help build ideas. You won’t get those ideas and exposure if you don’t take action.

Subsequently, with the idea in mind, excitements comes, and motivation to get started finishes off the idea process.

So in turn, waiting on an idea is procrastinating, but going out of your way to find an idea is preparing.


The difference in the two

With my ideas of what I want to work on, am I procrastinating or preparing?

While I just explained how you don’t wait for ideas, and ideas come to you, the reverse order of ideas (the original order) can still be seen as the subconscious way of gaining ideas.

My idea for what to make a Twitch stream about was in that order. So did I disobey the new rule of idea creation?

The answer to that, in my opinion, is no because I wasn’t actively seeking out an idea and would be in the same position without the idea.

But in relation to preparing to stream vs procrastinating starting, where do I stand?

I did my preparation, and while there are still more possibilities on preparation, there comes a time when my first stream will be put off purely out of procrastination.

My reasoning for not streaming yet is that I am waiting for this semester of classes to be over because of the workload I have due to finals.

This may be a valid reason, as I am convinced I should wait until I have the time to start streaming, but if after finals, I still haven’t started, then I am procrastinating.

While I may not have the time to actively seek out starting this adventure on Twitch, if I had the time and was not starting because I was “preparing”, then that would be procrastination.

It is when you are trying to further an idea and are halted by work or classes that what you are doing becomes preparation. In this case, I believe I am in the clear.

The main difference in preparing vs procrastination is actively seeking out the start, and taking the effort to start even if you are not prepared. Over-preparation is a thing, and preparing can only be done even as a method of procrastination before it becomes full on avoidance of the task.

The best thing to do to avoid procrastination is to not worry about being prepared. We see constant changes in companies methods of doing things and the jobs and hobbies of our friends and family.

Jumping right in at the soonest moment possible is always the best course of action. Waiting builds up anticipating and everything is a learning process so start learning.


While I will not be putting a stop to my hobby of writing, I will continue to both and if you are curious about my Twitch channel, just ask and I will tell.

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