Work for The Feeling of Completion

These past few weeks have been chaotic for me.

I’m currently in my junior year of college and as expected, it is hard.

I’ve just passed the last week that required heavy workloads of projects and assignments.

What I get to do now aside from focusing on completing the semester is riding the high of being done with what caused me high-stress levels.

This feeling is something that I was anticipating for a long time, but a feeling that I know is a reward and something that I can use to keep me moving forward when the next set of tasks approach.


Work for the feeling in the future

We’ve all had times of stress whether it be from classes, work or something else that required out nonimmediate attention.

These times are inevitable and especially if we are trying to make our future better.

However, just knowing that the feeling of completion is coming is enough to help motivate to complete everything you have approaching that will soon be behind.

Better yet, it will be an accomplishment to look back on.

Goals are looked at and while they are anticipated and sometimes feared because of the mind’s recognition of how stressful it can be, the often overlooked aspect is when it is all over.

Procrastination can play a big part in this, however, because while we work and work to complete our goals, sometimes it can be a hard thing to start.


Prioritize but don’t overlook

When it comes to knowing that everything will feel great when completed, this shouldn’t obscure from the fact that it does still need focus.

Giving something your all, in the end, will feel better when completed as opposed to finishing it just to finish it.

It is almost similar to building up a savings account the harder and more you work at a goal and when it is all over, you get the final check. That check can be built up but it can also be cashed out quick if you don’t prioritize focus.

I’ve had instances where I have completed something just to be done with it. And during those times, I didn’t feel as proud of what I had just finished.

The awareness of this trade-off is what can make or break you. Do something to be proud you did it, but don’t be proud of what you finished just to finish.

I have experienced this in many cases and blogging even counts as one. While I still have quite a bit of work and my focus on my blog is not as high as it could be, I suffer by feeling not as accomplished when something comes in the way and I can’t give this my all.

This is something I will be working on because I know that I would feel more accomplished if I could give more time to what I am writing and putting out there.


Overall, the best course of action is to realize when your stress levels are high and what is on your plate can seem like a lot, when given the right amount of focus, it can make the world of a difference when it is all over and done.

Accomplish but don’t rush to finish or else this feeling won’t be as strong and can sometimes have the opposite effect. Especially when the option to go back and add more isn’t available.

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