Mentality is The Most Important Factor


Your mentality consists of your willpower, your strive for self-fulfillment and your ability to tackle situations in a manner that produces the best results.

In the long run, focusing on your mentality is what will bring you justice in accomplishing your goals and will make your goals not only more reachable but will add the ability to think further.

I focus a lot on my mind because I believe that the way I view my situation is entirely up to me and how I view it will impact how I deal with what I can accomplish.


What having a good mentality means

While you can have a good mentality, you can still have highs and lows.

Your mentality is just your approach to what you see as doable, necessary and worth it.

Working can make you feel stressed and anxiety can make you feel trapped, however, a good mentality is what can break you free from the feelings you don’t want to experience.

An individual can go through an entire day of work and feel exhausted coming home. That doesn’t mean he or she can’t also feel accomplished.

The difference here is a bad mentality would focus on the stress and overbearing thoughts that while may be experienced on both sides, one sees it as reassurance that one is heading in the right direction while the other sees annoying obstacles.

While it is hard to say, “just better your mentality”, you can still say, “these feels are what successful people with big responsibilities practice dealing with.”

The state of mind may be immovable, but only to a certain degree. It’s the focus on what those feelings mean that can change and your understanding of why one thing might make you stressed can later on make you feel important in your role of work.

Being able to be accepting of stress is what we strive to achieve the mindstate of and in the process of figuring out why things stress us out, we can find out how to turn stress into just a long to-do list and nothing more.


How responsibility ties into mentality

My experience with my mentality has always been revolved around taking on what I can do for myself and others, even if the workload may give me stress.

I have taken the time to realize stress is something that I have chosen to have because I see long-term benefits.

I utilize the willpower I have to see my progress moving forward as encouragement to keep going and adding more to my plate as I see necessary.

While I have had times where I have had a bad mentality, a lot of that problem revolved around not having a lot of stress and pushing back inevitable future stress as far back as possible.

It’s when I faced the stress head on and added more to it while accomplishing what I already had, I felt the benefit of feeling like no time has been wasted. And of that time that is wasted, it is because it is a choice and possibly part of the necessary cool-down time for the next stressful load.

A lot of people like the feeling of comfort and even though they tell themselves they want to move forward, they won’t because of the fear that they will have to take on more responsibilities than they want.

A different way to see it and the way I choose to see it is if responsibilities are laid on to me, it is because I either accepted those tasks or someone saw me as the best fit for who to take on those responsibilities.

In regard to how to think like this, you will have to ask yourself if you refuse to move forward and take on responsibilities because you are holding on to your ample free time, or if it is because what you are currently doing is not leading to anything new and exciting.

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