Have You Experienced Fomo?

If you haven’t heard this term before, fomo is the “fear of missing out” and applies to situations that you want to participate in and can’t.

Fomo is quite self-explanatory in that you can probably think of a time when you felt fomo and had to live with what you missed out on.

Fomo might be for small get-togethers or large trips, either way, you feel disappointed and annoyed that you couldn’t go.

This can be tied to anxiety because it may make you feel left out to a certain degree that not having that communication connection with a group of people gives you discomfort.


My experience with fomo

I’ve experienced fomo and I can vouge for how discomforting it is.

To know there is somewhere you could have been with people you wanted to spend time with, but they are busy with their own thing while you are stuck somewhere else is hurtful.

Sure you can try and shrug it off. And for a while, that might work.

Yet fomo can be powerful and when your friends tell you later what they did, it can feel like you are a reporter at a press conference but you missed the event entirely.

I’ve started to understand what it was about fomo that bothered me. I thought that if I was missing out on things, I would start to become irrelevant to my group of friends which is a very dark place to go.

I started to see the advantage of missing out though because my friends became excited to tell me things that happened.

I also realized that when I was in the group and someone else was missing, I paid attention to how much they might have missed out on and regularly, it’s not a lot.

If anything, what they might have been doing could have been more interesting and them coming back to tell us what they did makes our day seem insignificant.


Fomo is a choice

While fomo can be annoying to deal with, it is also avoidable by working to get rid of it the same way you would with something like social anxiety.

The best way to eradicate it is to make it happen more.

Become too busy to hang out with friends. Become too involved in your hobby that taking time away will mess up your flow.

Fomo is only relevant when the thing you are missing out on is something you would prefer to do.

At the same time, being eradicated of it can make it not happen and when you still would rather be doing what others are doing, you are content with your own current experience.

Fomo is a choice in that while it may hurt to not be a part of something, we are constantly not a part of a lot of things. We are living our own life and we can share moments, but sharing all moments makes our experience not as unique as someone else.


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