Analyze Your Awareness Through Comparison to Others

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival” (Aristotle).

By being aware of our own awareness, we can take a look at ourselves and see that a lot of our worries and problems may not amount to how they really are.

Our reality inside of our minds exists, but the dimensions in which it exists have no limit and we can stretch them far beyond where they might actually be.

If stress and anxiety are causing problems, one thing to do is ground your mental dimensions to reality. Make them real and malleable.

We do this by utilizing our awareness and comparing thoughts to others or analyzing the impact we have on ourselves when visualizing our own problems.


Compare other’s problems when analyzing your own

A simple way to look at this is to take a step back from your eyes and really create an insightful image of the situation causing you to think highly of your problems.

We might struggle with regret and feel the pain deep in our mind that we feel will live forever for not having done what we should have done.

But if we all experience that, then look at others.

Does their regret stack up against yours? Are the regrets you’ve had much more impactful and important than the ones they have?

There could even be worse regrets they may have that you might not know about, but comparing your worst of the worst regret to others will shed light on how not bad it might actually be.

Sure a lot of people have regrets and we are at a time when people are starting to realize regrets hold them back.

We are transitioning to knowing what might be seen as a regret is actually what makes us us. That doesn’t stop some regrets from really getting to us.

Yet seeing those regrets and comparing them to others, they may be bigger, they may be smaller, but seeing those regrets pooled together, yours might seem a lot less critical than you might have initially thought.

The same comparison can be done with not just regrets, but other aspects of yourself you might see as weak.

We might consider ourselves lazy and struggle with looking for an answer to the question, “Why am I so lazy and can’t get anything done?”

But think about this. Is everyone you know way more productive than you?

Do you really waste so much time that everyone you meet can be seen as one of the ones who left you behind?

Comparisons help us to realize what we think we see in our heads isn’t really the case and is just us trying to better ourselves with maybe a little too much stress and emphasis on our “flaws”.


Become aware of your awareness

Transitioning to awareness, one thing I have noticed I struggle with is analyzing my decisions and asking whether or not they are the correct ones.

Even if a decision I made turned out for the better, did I make the right decision?

If I ask other people to look into my mind and the choices I had presented, did I do the best option or far from it?

It’s that constant question of “how can I improve” that takes away from us the times when we have made the right choice and can look back to be proud of our decision.

We as humans are always looking at what we did wrong, occasionally what we did right and more than both questioning what we should do in the future.

This type of thinking leads us into a fight within our own minds getting frustrated like someone at a desk job with too much paperwork. The difference is we made that paperwork and we can unassign it to ourselves.

To stop fighting with yourself, realize that your awareness may be turned passed the max setting and is causing you stress.

It’s important to take a look at what we are doing right and wrong, but on occasion, it is better to not think and do, trusting our intuition.

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