Rip the Band-aid Off and Do it Now

“If you want to do something, just do it. No one is going to do it for you” (Jaime Pressly).

One of the hardest things to do is to do something that causes you anxiety just to think about and try to prepare for.

You may even want to do this task, but you can’t just do it.

It’s a band-aid that needs to be ripped off and the only one who will rip it off is you.

It sucks, it truly sucks. But we need to understand the outcome will almost always be better than the anxiety caused before the action.


Logic doesn’t fix anxiety

This is one of the biggest flaws in our human minds.

Even if we think something through, understand it and want to move forward with our choice, our anxiety can still shove us right into panic mode.

You may have heard that most of human anxiety in society is taken from parts of your life that your mind may feel like there is a threat.

We don’t have predators chasing us anymore. We don’t have to constantly hunt and be hyperaware.

Unfortunately, our mind has this fight or flight mode embedded in us and it will look for opportunities to come out if it doesn’t find any.

We may even be calm in our heads. We may say to ourselves, “I know why I am feeling anxious and I am working to get over it, but my body won’t stop reacting so harshly to it.”

There can be methods to calming yourself down like deep breathing, fast breathing or analyzing the worst possible outcome and seeing if we can live with that.

However, this doesn’t stop it. Logic doesn’t fix anxiety. The logic behind anxiety is that our mind recognizes a situation where it is uncomfortable.

And even though we may not be in danger, it senses our slight discomfort and amplifies it.

The only true way through this discomfort is acceptance of it and allowing it to happen.

Similar to getting passed an anxiety attack, we have to find something to distract ourselves with or have to in our minds say to ourselves, “This is normal and this is a way my brain and body react to a certain situation.”


You will never be truly ready

Like pulling off a band-aid, we may not feel ready for what’s to come.

It will be uncomfortable. Yet we know we have to do it, but it’s still so hard.

The worst part about this whether it be a band-aid or some major decision in our lives is the sensation of anxiety we get when we grip the band-aid getting ready to pull.

You will never be ready. I will never be ready.

But what if we just did it? Then what?

And that’s the question that we want answered, even if the worst possible answer is one we will accept. The question is harder than the answer.


Counter the “what if” with another “what if”

There will always be a “what if” that turns negative in our minds.

At the same time, we can always create and positive “what if” to help ourselves counter the negative.

“What if this terrible thing happens?” “What if this really good thing happens?”

Don’t let the terrible what if feel like something that is actually going to happen. It’s not. The worst thoughts from anxiety can only get so bad that the ones that terrify us are more than unrealistic.

However, the positive what if’s can be within the range of what might happen, especially if it’s what we want and what we work toward.

And it’s best to realize, if a bad what if happens that is very in our control and will not destroy us, it will benefit us.

Learn from the mistakes we make and welcome them because they will most likely not happen again if we’ve paid attention to it.

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