Why it’s OK to be Anxious

“Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity” (T. S. Eliot).

It seems that today people are more ok with blaming something dumb they did or thought on their anxiety.

While most if not all of us have anxiety, we seem to pretend anxiety is a problem but one we all inherit and have to deal with.

However, if everyone is dealing with this same self-conscious problem, what makes it a problem if it’s not labeled as a mere obstacle we all face?

It doesn’t seem right to say, just deal with your anxiety. And we all know because that phrase is so counterintuitive and destructive to hear. So what I will say is if we all face anxiety, then we should all be ok with its side effects that take toles on our thinking.


It’s OK to overanalyze everything

As part of how the brain works, it’s expected that we all overthink things one way or another.

We overthink what others might be saying about us, what our acquaintances might believe about us and if what we are doing is even the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, overthinking is something that we will always have. Even if taken under control, it’s hardwired into us to visualize all the possible outcomes of situations to help us prepare for what might happen in the future.

Yet one thing we can do to be ok with overthinking is to let it happen.

As bold a statement as that is, you can start to understand it when you learn how and why the brain does what it does.

An individual with OCD might have thoughts about something they don’t agree with or don’t want to think about, and the OCD brings it back into their mind.

It’s the minds way of trying to comprehend something and we have to let it finish it’s thought process or else we’ll trap it behind a barrier that it keeps pounding at until it harms us.

Overthinking is just that, overthinking. It’s all in your head which means while you might not have control over those thoughts, you still have control over the actions that would follow.

It’s ok to overthink something that’s not that important or overthink something that is important to the point where it feels like it’s becoming too much to even comprehend.

As long as we can let our thoughts wave through all of them and allow them to do that, even right from the start, our brain will ease off when we accept the following thoughts that we may not be super comfortable with.


It’s ok to take your time with goals

Another form of anxiety that I often get a lot is thinking I’m not doing what I should be doing or I am not making any progress toward a certain goal.

All motivational speakers and entrepreneurs will tell you the opposite, that your goals must be on your mind, written down and that it needs your urgent attention.

Regardless, while goals are still important and are what we constantly move toward, let’s say you work at a goal by dedicating 100% of yourself to that goal. That’s what the motivational speaker wants you to do.

Now, what if you dedicate 90% of yourself? Or 85%? Is that really worth stressing over?

Let’s say you only have time to dedicate 90% of yourself toward a goal and not because of laziness or other distractions, but because you really do only have the capability to dedicate 90% of yourself at this current stage in your life.

What would be so destructive of doing what is necessary, giving it most of your all, all while allowing yourself some breathing room to not rush into something in a spastic manner.

At the same time, when beginning toward a goal, if you are thinking about the start, that’s almost the same thing as starting yourself.

Walking around the block and thinking about your goal and how to get there is still much more in comparison than sitting down after having cleaned the whole house to maximize focus for a strict set amount of time.

A lot of the productive anxiety just comes from wanting the end goal which still shows dedication and the anxiety is just part of the process of getting there.


It’s ok to not be ok

The last anxiety-ridden mindstate that I want to present is being obsessed with needing to fix yourself.

We get into low points. We get into deep depressing thoughts.

We will always have points in our lives when we are not ok.

Not being ok is part of being ok because you are being humanized and humans will always have these moments of not being ok.

While you should always try and do what you feel you need to do to get out of a low point, sometimes there is nothing you can do to get out of it.

We will always face multiple times in our lives not being ok. Anxiety will tell you that’s a problem.

You don’t have to be ok with not being ok, but at least be understanding that not being ok is just part of all of our life experiences and the process of wanting to move forward or change something within our life.

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