We Think We Know the Psychology Behind Ourselves and Others

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” (Edmund Hillary).

We are all guilty of believing we know ourselves and others much more than we do.

I believe I know everything about myself.

I may even believe I know quite a lot about other people and I form the intention to help them because I believe I can relate, even if I can’t.

We do occasionally think, maybe this isn’t true. The occasional thought of that is enough to prove to ourselves that we don’t completely know.


We think we are working toward our goals when we are not

What could be a form of laziness I instead formulate to be perceived by myself as long term goal setting.

I continue to write, I continue to push forward, but I move away from this goal and delay the outcome I had hoped for.

I thought I knew what I was getting into and maybe for a while I did know. Yet when I thought I had a good grasp, in reality I am holding myself back by not making an attempt to adapt my goals to my wants.

Just like with exercise, we can get better by repetition but that only goes so far.

Repetition can teach scheduling, priority and complexity of expected outcomes. But after this is understood, a step forward must be taken. Repetition won’t move you forward if the introspection as to what you are improving on is still visible, otherwise it’s time to change.

We set goals to get ourselves moving foward and we occasionally do reach these goals. But avoidance of crossing the finish line and saying, I still have more to learn shows that we are scared to move on to the next thing.

In this situation, we have to understand we don’t completely know what is best for us. We think we know the path we are taking and where it will lead us. However, if this is the first time we venture down this path, how do we prove to ourselves that we know the right way? We don’t and we shouldn’t.

We shoudl be constantly looking for the next challenge. Hitting the same challenge and staying on the same level will bring either bordom or loss of what you have been gaining experience for.

When you play a game you get to the next level and it’s challenge but it’s still possible and it’s supposed to be that way. The previous levels aren’t meant to be mastered before you move on to the next challenge.

They prepare you just enough so you are constantly challenged the whole time to promote the growth you need to beat the last level.


We think we understand people better than we do

Not only do we think we know ourselves well enought o keep us locked in place, we also think we know more about other people when we aren’t even remotely close to understanding all there is to them.

I write about psychology and what to expect from yourself.

I use personal experience and hope people can relate. If they don’t relate, that is on me for expecting experiences to match the audience when I should have used more relation in the stories and ideas I tell to make it broad.

I thought I knew more about others than I might actually know.

My deeper thinking in writing didn’t get me as far as my how-to’s and tutorials for practical thinking have. Again, I failed to understand that me pouring out my thoughts might not have the same effect unless I attempt to relate it.

We want to feel we know people and by habit our minds put people into a 1-dimensional minor character role when that is not who they are.

It isn’t until we face that realization again that everyone we walk passed is living their own life. It stuns us to think about this and maybe I am making too much of an assumption to try and believe you understand what I am talking about. But trust me when I say this effect is strong.

It stuns us when we realize that person we just walked passed has a whole life and is experiencing the entire world we are with a completely different perception. It’s a lot until you walk by another person and apply that same thought.

Thinking we meet someone and immediately know how to label them is a failure on our part to not understand we struggle with understanding ourselves so how do we know anything about that person?

Unfortunately as people we will constantly hold our heads high and believe we know more about ourselves and other people than we actually do, but this is normal. It’s the realization that keeps us grounded to reality.

We aren’t as 2 or 3-dimensional as we see ourselves, we are so much more than that are it is incredibly hard to completely understand everything there is to know about us and our experiences. So take the time to understand that applies to everyone else. No one is 1-dimensional. Not even a child. Everyone is something different and we should admire that.

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