Stories Hit Harder Than Facts

I drove to work this morning and after sitting down at my desk with perfect synchronization from the coffee to finally kick my brain awake, I started to binge Medium stories.

A little while in, I noticed something a lot of writers had been doing that I have been neglecting and ignoring.

Everyone seems to not only utilize their voice and personality (which I attempt to do but can probably get better at), but they also get points across with mostly stories and anecdotes.

I wasn’t oblivious to this, I knew the power of stories. I would tell one or two every once in a while when I find the right place for it.

But this was different.

Almost every post I was reading had been full length stories where the message may or may not be blurted out at the beginning or hidden in the story. Yet they all took the approach of having the meaning come after and from the story.


William Cho made a post on Medium that I would like the mention here because it struck me as one of those types of stories that has an impact that is a bit unexpected.

Focus On Your Work, The Rest Will Follow by William Cho.

The title to me was a hint that I would get some different understanding of how to approach writing and editing. Instead I got a motivational piece that started as a story we all are a part of. The impact kept adding as I read the meaning of writing and why we choose to do it.

I will be honest, I am not always motivated. I don’t always do the best I can. Sometimes I just want to get by and hope I strike gold on a post that I didn’t put a lot of effort into.

I look for articles that can teach me things that I feel will help lead me to my goal and expand on what I can do.

Sometimes, it seems, that’s not what this is about. Sometimes our motivation deteriorates and we don’t feel it because it’s gradual.

I would be lying if I say I didn’t expect this and I’m sure to an extent you may feel the same way or at least be able to reference this feeling.

It’s not necessarily pride or an ego. You still do what you think is best. But sometimes you hope it just works out.

An article like this is what I needed and I recommend you check it out if you have an interest in writing or blogging.


Although this was inspiring and I loved reading it, it helped me see blurting out facts isn’t always what people want to hear.

We read things that entertain or inspire when we feel we need to change how we approach our work.

It isn’t always about the next thing to write about or finding a new piece of information to share.

We like the connection in stories that keeps us reading.

The stories are what keep us reading and give meaning behind a point being made.


I will admit, stories can be hard to make because you don’t necessarily come up with a story just like that.

You may remember an experience that taught you something valuable that you can share. But those can run out if you pick the one off the top of your head over and over trying to stick to the same niche and same beneficial factors of those experiences.

Sometimes giving facts are easier and it’s understandable why.

But even just talking and making a connection can teach something in the method that a story would.

I hope that is what I am accomplishing here and I hope to bring stories that can inspire. I also hope you strive to do the same.

We all have a lot to teach each other and that’s the benefit of the internet.

Stories are no longer just some entertainment subject we can tell at a party.

We can connect all on here and share what we all have to say.

Our stories will hit harder than facts and our methods for bringing these stories out of us is what makes us able to improve in whatever it may be we are trying to improve in.

The best way to learn something is to teach it and in this case telling a story is more than teaching, it’s inspiring and motivating.

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