The Basic Elements of a Blog Post

I remember when I wanted to make my first blog post and I had no idea how I would go about doing that.

I remember reading lots of blogs related to things I thought I wanted to blog about. But when it came time for my turn, I had no idea what to do.

Since then, I’ve posted two blog posts a week since October which have actually taught me quite a bit about the process and how to get it done.

I’ve learned how my writing process works, what interests me to talk about, and how to occasionally tell what will perform well with an audience and what won’t, even if I want to make the post anyway.

With the three parts I have here, I believe these can explain what needs to be done mentally to help someone prepare for making a blog and how to go about figuring out what to do before starting.


Attempt Everything

To find what you want to write about if you don’t already have some ideas, share what you are currently learning or something you have learned that has kept you going.

Share what you do or don’t know and are curious about. Push people and yourself to want to learn more about it.

Find stuff that you like to learn and stuff that you can explain to others in the manor that made you curious about it in the first place.

Write questions and share answers. Write long posts and short posts.

Experiment with what keeps your attention and what you can keep posting about whether you have a lot to say now or want to save some for later, but be cautious to work for the now.

As for the future, don’t worry about what comes next. Act for this moment. Be in the now and write what you think you can write about this very minute.

What you want to write about and will write about will always constantly be changing because we are a product of our environment and the environment writes through us keeping us alive and full of new things to say.

The only way to learn in something like writing and blogging is to do it yourself and learn from your own experience what can keep you in it.


Accept Criticism

Everyone always mentions this point when talking about writing and most people already assume they are passed that point.

Criticism can be scary but since it can’t actually hurt us, it rarely bothers us.

Although, we may not see when fear of criticism takes over because the critic can also be ourselves.

We may prevent ourself from posting something because we think the topic is stupid or what we have to say isn’t worth it or strong enough.

You have to push passed that and increase your willingness to post in the hopes that you will receive positive criticism or helpful advice to prevent that voice in your head from telling you otherwise.

Become comfortable telling stories. Become comfortable sharing advice and ideas.

Expressing in a blog is the best way to grow a blog and learn from what you are writing about.

Blogging is like a journal that other people can follow because what is written down in it is not only interesting but useful or entertaining.

The criticism part of a blog is such a small portion that it should be ignored in an effort to keep you posting, yet it should be acknowledged in the excitement to hear what other people have to say.


Positive Reinforcement and Truth

You should always have honesty in what you are writing about.

If you aren’t an expert in something, that’s fine, you don’t even have to explain that you aren’t. But be open to wording your voice as opinion and that you are also sharing what you are learning with the world.

I find that when I explain something in my writing that I believe to be true, I am trying to back it up with positivity while still leading to the conclusion that this is my opinion.

Sharing what you learn is what we are always doing and this works even moreso in writing.

However, explaining how something can affect us mentally can be a positive statement while still having next to no proof of the actual effect in our brains.

We share what we have done that works for us and what others can follow to, but it shouldn’t be taught that anything we say is ever the correct way and not more of a suggestion.

Positivity and encouragement should always be looked for when writing but should also be our main source of why we are doing this.

We write for us and what we know but someone out there will still be interested in what we have to say.

We write for us and an audience follows if they believe the us is something worth following.



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