Four Ways To Redeem Your Drive For Success

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” (Jimmy Dean).

Running into barriers in our journey to where we want to be is always understandably tough.

What’s harder is when there are no barriers, open sea, and we don’t have the courage to keep ourselves going.

Struggling to stay on the path gets to us and we don’t know whether turning back is the right move and the hesitation proves it is not.

I have a list of four actions that help to keep me on my path as I know one will always help push the desire to hang on to that final goal.


#1 Reflect On Goals And Reasons

A lot of what keeps me going is remembering where I was, where I wanted to be, and if I am closer now than I was before.

Understandably, that last part will always be true. But it sometimes take picturing how far we have gone to encourage us to keep going.

Imagine yourself at the start and think of what you wanted to accomplish and how dark and intimidating the path was at first.

Look where you are now.

Whether you’ve barely moved forward or made great progress, you started moving and getting going is always the hardest part.

Be that as it may your goals are still there. Some have possibly passed and some have been accomplished.

Remember the main goal you wanted to reach and evaluate if hitting it signifies reason to turn back or to keep going. I believe it will always be the latter.


#2 Experience Something New

Experiencing something new is a change that we always endear and as it happens, it is frightening. But when we come out on the other side we are in a completely different place. This new place changes us and makes our lives work differently.

If this is what is needed to keep you going, even a slight suspicion that a change might be beneficial, it should be taken.

The change could be something as dramatic as getting a new job or getting a job in a new field.

The change could be small like trying out a new hobby or joining an organization or club. As small as it is, a change is rarely insignificant enough to not take an affect on your life.

Do something you’ve never done before and leave your comfort zone.

The comfort zone is just that, the comfort zone because it is what we know. We don’t feel the need to know more, but to keep a work drive and goals set, leaving the comfort zone might help us get there quicker.


#3 Change Your Method

Maybe getting a new job is too major. Maybe the method is all that needs to change.

A different work schedule can still make everything feel completely different.

It’s similar to how a Tuesday feels like a Tuesday and a Friday feels like a Friday. We just know our environment so well that we feel like a puzzle piece fitting into place which may steer us away from doing more.

Location can also factor into this as there may be distractions when you are working that you’ve come to accept as O.K. and not as distracting as you might have thought.

Maybe a time you set to start has progressively moved back without you even noticing.

Take a look at how you operate and see if there is anything that has changed overtime or if old habits have come back to haunt you.

I am a victim of slowly moving back the time when I start writing because I find the times when I rush to do it have still worked out giving me excuses. These excuses have not and will not help me in the future. The thing is, it took me a while to notice that.


#4 Take A Break And Read

Most people advise against elongated breaks because they ruin your flow.

However, sometimes disrupting your flow and allowing it to depreciate and reform when you come back might be all you need.

After Stephen King finishes writing a book, he puts it on a shelf and doesn’t touch it for a couple months until it is all cleared out of his head. He’ll come back and review it with fresh eyes because he, as the writer, will already have takes on the book that a reader might not enjoy.

Coming back to your work will give you a clear head and better judgement. A break can just be what you need to let yourself re-adapt to the way you do things.

With your time on a break, take the time to read. Read about what you do or something completely unrelated like a fantasy novel and let your mind release everything about your current state of working life.

Reading can always give you a new perspective, even if it is subconscious. Your brain will take the information you are receiving and help you to have a new mindset when you return to your work.


All the things that we do are because we have a goal set in mind. As we work toward that goal, after a long time, the goal still feels out of reach.

Taking the time to reevaluate and better yet remember why we set out on the journey we are currently on gives us the motivation to come back to that stronger and harder.

Reflection, experiences, change, and breaks can break us away from our lively schedule and give us the insight on to how we might change things or what we should do next.

Take the time and realize that goals may always seem out of reach until we are living the day before it happens.

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