Are Idealists More Fortunate Than Realists?

“The acceptance of certain realities doesn’t preclude idealism. It can lead to certain breakthroughs” (Rem Koolhaas).

If you aren’t familiar with the terms, idealists are often thought of as the ones that imagine and dream of many possibilities.

Realists, on the other hand, are the ones that see the penalties, obstacles, and obstructions to certain actions.

In a parallel view, idealists are somewhat the optimists of these terms and realists are the pessimists.

So the questions that I’ve been having are, is being an optimists or pessimist better and can you be both an idealist and a realist.


Idealists and Realists

When it comes to being one or the other, there comes the misdirection that applies to many characteristics we see applied.

You are not always one or the other, and where you place yourself is on the spectrum of these two opposites.

I would consider myself more of an idealist and an optimist because I see the greater possibilities instead of the negative side effects that may come along with certain actions.

For me, being an optimist means I think and hope for the best turnout of a scenario and I envision how something might play out in my favor.

On occasion, but not often, I will have certain doubts, thinking something may go wrong and I won’t be able to change it, even if that isn’t the case. That is the realist and pessimist side of my thinking.

From the other perspective however, you can see the light in a different way.

If I were a realist/pessimist, I may take more caution in doing something giving me more safety net to taking an action that could otherwise do more harm than good. I would see the optimist/idealist side of me as good for motivation, but oftentimes intrusive on what should be done cautiously.

One is not better than the other, as they are just simply ways of seeing how things might turn out. You can make the choice on which you think is better, but both need each other and both build off of the others mistakes.


The Obstacles

There are certain obstacles that both perspectives run into quite frequently in reaching for a goal.

The optimist may be over prepared for something good to happen, while the pessimist may have the advantage in preparing and predicting the negative outcomes.

The pessimist may be under prepared for something good to happen and may not attempt at something that would be worthwhile, whereas the optimist is much more likely to take the chance.


The Conncection

The connection between optimists/idealists and pessimist/realists is that how you see your actions and what you expect the results to be like, highly shape the way you do things.

The optimist is parallel to the idealist because they are the dreamer that wants to accomplish the impossible, no matter how far out of reach.

They are happy in attempting something weighing out the benefits seeing the chance worth taking.

The pessimist is parallel to the realist because they are the ground thinker. The one that goes through rational thought to see where they might be stopped in their tracks or forced to turn back.

They take the chances they see as mostly positive outcome and don’t waste time on something they see as not worth the time if it doesn’t turn out for the better.


Is One Better Than The Other

The answer to this question is no. It should be clear they work together and to be productive and make positive changes in your life, you must see where in accordance to these two traits you lie.

With that, it is possible to be both and this is ideal. Being both means you want to take the chance even though you see where it can go right or wrong regardless. You take the chances that you see as worth your time and effort, even if you are to gain nothing from it.

The idealist in you, if you were both, wants to take the chance while the realist in you would expect not a lot to happen and prepare for the worst, but would avoid stopping you from trying.

To make the most of a situation, whether for results or purely just to see where you will land, being both builds each part off of each other and makes you much more willing to try things and rationalize them.

As I said earlier, I consider myself more of an optimist/idealist than a pessimist/realist, but I balance the two by saying to myself, I should still try.

The realist in me expects not a lot to happen and very little results, but I can still rationalize the worst that can happen from my actions and see I might as well attempt.

Conclusively, you should be able to figure out which one of these you are and realize, letting the other in every once in a while helps you to not only rationalize decisions, but to dream bigger.

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