The 6 Best Sites To Help You Become A Better Blogger

Ever since I started blogging a few months ago, a lot has helped me become a better blogger.

We all know how to talk and – for the most part – how to write, but practice is not always the standalone perfect method to improve.

I believe practice is great and is an obvious necessity to getting better. However, taking the time to develop skills by learning from others can help you notice a change in your ability a lot quicker than if you were to write repeatedly and hope your flow develops overtime.

With practice, we also need to be willing to take in as many resources as possible if we really want to reach the best of our ability.

From my experience, these sites have been the most beneficial learning opportunities and tools for me to take in growth and new ideas.


Skillshare –

Skillshare is a great place to watch classes on any sort of creative aspect you are attempting to develop.

I first found Skillshare as it was referred to me from the Youtube Channel ASAPScience and they were giving away free multiple month long memberships.

The site does have a membership fee, if you want to watch videos from the non-free section of the site, which I highly recommend because the subscription cost is low. I mean like really low.

Right now the site is offering a 3-month subscription for $0.99 which to you should seem like the deal of a lifetime.

After I set up my account, I tried the blogging portion of the site and the videos I’ve watched helped me to a great extent to understand what I should be focusing on and where else I can enhance my abilities.

When I started, some of the videos I watched included these two that really helped me see what I wasn’t focusing on that I was neglecting to pay attention to.

The site also allows you to become a teacher if you feel you have enough to start making videos and share what you believe can be useful to audiences.


Copyblogger –

Copyblogger is a site similar to Skillshare with more emphasis on SEO.

It is a powerful tool for learning how to better understand an audience and meeting their demands to attractive more viewers.

The reputation of the site is there in clear due to the fact that the CEO (Brian Clark) made the site as popular as it is – over 200,000 users – by obsessing over SEO and his audience.

Clark grew his platform to an incredible length and the site is all about sharing that process.

The site claims to be able to teach methods such as:

  • How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines
  • How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  • Landing Pages: How to Turn Traffic into Money

Although I have not been an avid user of Copyblogger myself, I have it bookmarked as I know in the near future I will be an avid enthusiast for the sites guidance.


ProWritingAid –

ProWritingAid is a subscription based writing and editing softer that caters specifically to the type of writing you do and allows you to have a better environment for making your creations.

This is shown from the get-go because when creating an account, the site asks you the type of writer you are, whether it be a blogger, business writer, or storyteller.

The site is helpful in that it suggests 1000s of style improvements depending on the type of writing you are involved in making editing a lot less of a struggle.

The site is a membership program but has a free trial so you can witness for yourself whether you believe the tool to be right for you.

Although ProWritingAid is primarily editing software, it has a blog dedicated to teaching methods and techniques to enhancing your writing abilities.

ProWritingAid uses 5 major categories in the blog section including:

  • The Writing Process
  • Blogging and Content Writing
  • Grammar Rules
  • Writing Apps
  • How to Use ProWritingAid

The site works as a good hybrid for improving your own writing. It helps with editing, recommends stylistic choices, and additionally helps teach how to improve your writing on the blog.


Buzzsumo –

Now we are moving away from the class and teaching sites to the tools that help us to make our blogs and written works more appealing.

Buzzsumo is a site that many already know of, but gives you immediate statistics to how well something is performing in a certain category or keyword.

You can type in any keyword or similar title to a creation of yours and get instant access to seeing how well the competition and higher up articles are performing and where they are spreading the most.

It’s an SEO analytical site with the purpose of being able to see what you should be writing about and what similar keywords have been drawing in attention.

Buzzsumo also gives good information such as an articles shares on different social media and evergreen score so as to help you reforge your writing to better suit bigger audiences.


Pablo by Buffer –

Pablo is a site for creating eye catching thumbnails and customizable pictures making it good for emphasizing your posts. 

There’s over 600k images to choose from on the site and it even allows you to insert your own graphics and logos on top of the created thumbnail.

The site is perfect for if you are trying to make a picture and want to create further association between that picture and your piece.

For example, I can emphasize a picture of someone on a boat in the Atlantic by adding How ‘specific millionare’ focused on this aspect of entrepreneurship to show success instead of creating the possible side effect of looking like someone teaching themselves how to sail.

The best part about Pablo is it is free and can be used for every thumbnail you have making it a great tool for pulling in attention and reemphasizing keywords in the title.


BrainyQuote –

Need a backed opinion by a highly reputable source?

That’s what BrainQuote is for.

This site is extremely popular and it’s at the bottom of the list in importance because I’m sure many of you already know about this. But if you don’t, this site is great to look through what famous and historical people have said bringing in authority to your writing.

Using this tool can give off a powerful effect using an inspiring and well written quote.

“The right quote can inspire people to change their ways” (Zig Ziglar).

Just like that.

One of my favorite parts about BrainyQuote is if you are looking for a quote about something said by a specific person, you can do that too.

You can type in Aristotle and look through a ton of quotes from him and find the one that best suits whatever you might need it for.

I have only recently started to go back to using BrainyQuote for my articles because the emphasis in an added opinion really does enhance an articles point. It’s a necessary tool for anyone wanting to bring in additional points and it gives you the right backing to whatever you may be writing about.


These are the six sites and tools I have been using frequently and I highly recommend you check all of them out.

The diversity in what you can be helped with and what aspect of your writing you are trying to improve is there and these sites make it possible to find what you are unable to see.

All of these have some sort of free aspect so there’s no harm in visiting their sites and seeing you want to adapt to their service. You will either gain a lot or lose nothing.

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