Does Skipping A Deadline Shape Failure?

Unless you run a highly populated blog or have a big following to appease, most of the time the answer to this question is no.

Some people say skipping a deadline once ruins the streak you had regarding productivity and dooms you right after.

In reality, it’s only what you let impact yourself that gets to be the destroyer.


How Does Skipping Have An Impact?

I was worried I might have to skip a blog post this week because I am visiting my family for Thanksgiving and have less time than I anticipated to make a post.

I read a post earlier in the week that said once you make one exception and skip, its over. I agreed with this statement the entire time I was reading the article, but in truth, I believe it shouldn’t have to affect people that way.

If you make an exception to skip something, yea it sucks, but it shouldn’t be the end unless you feel you ruined it for yourself.

I am ending up posting so I’m not taking the experiment myself yet to see if this would hurt my blog or not, but I doubt it would. If I have the mindset for it, what’s one missing post that might have gotten no attention in the first place?

I’m not disappointing anyone – at least I hope not – if I do end up having a week with one post instead of two.

For now, while I don’t have a reputation in what I do, most people won’t even notice me taking a skip. If I do layover to the next week, that might get to me quite a bit, but it could start and end at how I feel about it.

It’s the trickling affect of letting it get to me as a personal failure that would be what ruins me. However, having the right mindset I could potentially use a skip to my advantage.


Am I Not Taking Deadlines Seriously?

I am taking them seriously. I’m not saying ignoring them won’t hurt you.

But you still see people like Casey Neistat who has millions of subscribers on Youtube and posts daily have a skip every once in a while. Because if something came up that prevented him from posting, whether he didn’t have time or lost all the audio, he deals with the situation.

He explains it to his fans, and because they are true fans, they understand the situation. Even if they spent the previous day watching and waiting for Nesitat to upload, they are people too and realize that he might not be able to create something every day.

A skip doesn’t doom anything unless it’s critically reliant on that deadline, and in most jobs that does appear often. But in the sense of a hobby, having to put it on temporary pause, no one is going to blame you.

It’s voluntary work so leading away from it for a while is only natural – and in hobbies like this – sometimes expected every once in a while.

Content creators create constantly. Everyone knows they love to do it, so if they have to wait another week, it devastates them too.

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