Transforming Fear Into Success

The fear that I face, whether it’s about my blog, my grades, or my life, I’ve learned to utilize that fear in a productive manner.

What most people let happen, is they let the fear take over and destroy them from the inside out. Look the fears you have in the face and realize, those fears can help you.


Productive Fear

I fear that my blog won’t be good enough. I fear that what I write, people won’t want to read. I fear that if I miss a deadline, people won’t take me seriously.

All of this, even if there’s the slightest bit of realism to some of the fears, are only fears.

None of these things can or should effect me. What I let settle in my mind as fear, is only something that I can prevent. The best way to prevent it, is to fight against it and think it through properly.

If I fear for my blog, then I shouldn’t shy away from it and let that ruin me and my creativity. I should work against it.

In a way, the fear is the path that I should take.

If you fear for a test, what do you do? You study for it until it becomes less fearful. Sure the day of the test might come and you might be scared for your grade and your gpa if that’s also on the line.

But sitting there soaking in fear won’t do any good.

The fear is showing you, what you should be working on and what you need to focus on.

Fear is the acknowledgement in your mind that something needs work.

The way to get rid of fear is to do more. And I don’t mean do what you feel needs to be done. Do what you fear needs to be done.

A lot of the fear lies within yourself because it’s self-doubt and the fear that you aren’t good enough. So make yourself good enough.


Fight Against The Fear

Similar to what I said above, the only proper way to fight the fear is to use it.

Fear isn’t there to stop you. It’s to get you to focus on what in the back of your mind, you think you know, won’t work out.

That’s mostly never true though. Your fears shouldn’t stop you, as it might feel they do. You need to let the fear guide the way.

The obstacle is the way. And if fear is showing you what you are scared of, you most likely are just scared of starting on the path that you know is where you are supposed to go.

It leads you to get what needs to be done, done. Let the fear set in and take over. Then strike it where it hurts.

It’s the same thing as having that one nightmare of a shadow monster that appears in your dreams very frequently. The only way to get rid of it is to face it head on.

The only way to fight it, is to do what you know will weaken it. Don’t let it take over and destroy what you want to do. Don’t let the self-doubt take its place. Show it who is in charge.


Your Fears Can’t Hurt You

You have to realize, the only way that fear can win, is if it successfully dissuades you from doing what you want to do.

If you want to write, but you fear your writing isn’t good enough or people won’t read it, who won?

It should be obvious that fear isn’t a motivator but you can turn it into one.

Realize it or not, the fear is spawned by you and only you can get rid of it as long as you don’t let it win.

And remember that all that you fear, isn’t the reality of what is happening.

Something you might relate to is showing something off that you’ve made.

In high school, those times when I’ve had to do an art project and I look around at what other people have done is scary. I feel that mine isn’t good enough. I fear that it isn’t and to me, I know that is isn’t.

But then the people who can’t tell that I have this fear come along. They look at what I’ve made and are quite impressed. They see what I’ve done as an accomplishment.

No one expects a Picasso, so why do I feel like that’s what I need to make?

It’s because I let the fear in.

It could never truly hurt me, only dissuade me and create the illusion that it desperately wants me to see.

If I want to be successful, I have to understand that my fear is where I’m heading. It will always pop back up, but knowing how to deal with it and knowing what it means leads to success.

The fear is the path, it’s inevitable. Unless I chicken out and decide to not take the path. I would be avoiding the fear, but that’s because I wouldn’t need to face it anymore.

Find a way to get the fear in your sights and go to it head on.

It only gets easier once you’ve done it a few times. Then maybe fear won’t affect you as much, but it’s still there. And it’s almost necessary that it’s there. It can be helpful if you realize and make it helpful.

Turn fear into what you see as the correct path. It always has been the right path.

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