The Three Types Of Hobbies Everyone Should Have

A lot of the time, I noticed where I spent my free time was often a waste. Sure I love catching up on my favorite shows and it’s something to do, but what else could I be doing with my free time?

If you’ve ever thought about this and hadn’t found anything you wanted to try, it could be you are looking too specific at individual activities.

Looking through a list of time wasters might not strike you as all that appealing. It’s more important to know the actual types of hobbies so you can have one of each and formulate where your free time goes.

The three I’ve always tried to stay consistent in are having an investment hobby, physical hobby, and a creative hobby.


Investment Hobby

For an investment hobby, I’m not talking about regularly checking if your stocks are going up or down.

An investment hobby is more of a way you can sit at the couch and still watch tv, but be doing something with what leftover money you might have to see if you can turn it into even more.

If it means buying collectibles online, even if you don’t plan to sell them until a very long time from now, you are still putting money away somewhere for it to grow.

Going a little off-topic here, I used to spend a lot of my time buying expensive clothing. The kinds that get you refereed to as a “hype-beast” or whatever terms are used now to discriminate the people that are “wasting” their money on clothing just to “look cool”.

I get defensive when I talk about this because it always comes to, “why would you buy that” “I can get that same shirt at Walmart for $5 and smack on a logo”, but they refuse to listen to me when I tell them the reason for me doing that.

When these clothes are released and purchased online, you have about a minute, oftentimes only a few seconds, until they are gone and out of stock. People want these items.

Which during the explanation is usually followed by, “That’s stupid that so many people would want that.”

Maybe it is, but the reason I want it, is I personally think some of it looks cool, and I can turn a much bigger profit than you might expect.

For example, I had purchased shoes online, from the famous but infamous brand Supreme. They had done a collaboration with Jordan’s and made Supreme Jordan 5’s.

I bought them for two reasons. If I didn’t like them, they are already worth more than I paid. And if I wanted to keep them, I can still attempt to maintain their value and make some money back.

I was surprised when I had bought the shoes, worn them for around 9 months, and sold them for more than double what I paid. I made a few hundred bucks for wearing shoes that I bought until I got bored with them and wanted to cash out.

I did the same with a t-shirt that I sold for five times the original amount I paid for, and kept that one longer than the shoes.

Maybe the stupid aspect is the people buying them from me, but I understand. They really wanted them, they couldn’t get them at the time, and they were never going to come back out with the same shoes.

Regardless of the hate for it, I still sometimes do this investment hobby because I know how the market works, I know what I can get a return with, and I have yet to lose money on something I haven’t resold.

I’m sure this seems like a rant, but I’m trying to explain that the reason some people get involved in buying things you might question, could be because of a different reason.

Some people collect stuff just to have, but some things that might seem stupid to collect probably have another side to them and could be worth getting into.

And again, if you find an investment hobby you like, it can turn into as simple as being on your phone, browsing things to buy and sell, all while sitting on your couch. You’ll never know when you might find a good opportunity of something to flip or hold onto.


Physical Hobby

I’m sure you’re already familiar with this because we’re always encouraged to keep maintaining our bodies. I was a bit reluctant to do so until I started trying out other physical hobbies.

I knew that I liked bike riding, but I didn’t do it that often. Once I got to university, the bike rides turned into the perfect way for me to let all of my stress go, listen to music, and tune out the world.

All while doing something healthy for my mind and body.

The other benefit of this is if you’re focusing on relaxing, like I was, I wasn’t even paying attention to the parts that might be pushing my body further.

I was taking out my stress by pushing down hard on the pedals, all while in my mind I was thinking of how to knock out that essay deadline.

Aside from this, I’m not too physically active so I wouldn’t know about the hobbies that build up your adrenaline and have higher steaks like rock climbing, mountain biking, or bouldering. And I am not really a competitive person so I don’t always join in on a game of basketball, football, or tennis.

But they’re all similar in the same aspect. You’re relieving stress from other parts of your life and doing something that is healthy.

You get to enjoy not thinking as hard and just moving your body. And it makes it easier to fall asleep at night so that’s a plus.


Creative Hobby

You can probably guess what mine is.

Along with being another way to relieve stress, having a creative hobby like painting, sculpting, or blogging is a perfect method for you to practice self-exploration. See what catches your attention and focus on learning why it does that.

It’s also – at least in my view – healthy to regularly do a creative hobby because it gets me out of the work mindset, brought on by work and class. I no longer feel like, “must do this to complete this”.

It’s freeing to let yourself do and explore what you always admired yourself.

Maybe you think you have no creativity, but that’s what I thought about myself until I realized everyone has some creative side.

I tried a bunch of times. Yea, I can’t draw for the life of me. And when it comes to having a keen eye for visual balance, I was pretty awful at that.

I’m only just now starting to learn how to make something eye appealing in Photoshop instead of loading a design with effects until you can’t make out the words anymore.

But from repeatedly doing it, I’m starting to better hear and listen to the voice inside my head and starting to get that daemon to tell me what else I should do to make something look or sound good.

Obviously, I recently started blogging and I think this as a creative hobby best suits me because it’s entertaining to me, it gets my mind out of that weekly to do list loop, and it frees me from feeling like i’m suppressing my personality.

Getting a creative hobby, depending on who you are can oftentimes be the hardest of the three. That’s doesn’t mean you won’t eventually get there.

You could be awful at something and have already known that, but maybe now, even with a terrible product, you might enjoy it more than you anticipated.


When following these three types, at least make sure you are enjoying them. Hobbies aren’t meant to be dreadful or boring. That’s what work is for. These are the activities to be the polar opposite of that and give you something to look forward to doing at the end of the week.

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