The Nine Types Of Posts On My Blog


To properly start off my blog, I want to do the obvious and talk about what you will be seeing on here.

I’ve created a list, in no particular order, of how my content will be somewhat categorized, so at this moment, you can figure out if my blog will be something you might be interested in following.

As my blog develops, some of these categories might slowly fade or just never gain any attention from myself, but I hope to hit all of these at least once and see how it goes from there.


1. Reflections

For reflections, I’ll mostly be blogging about experiences I’ve had or heard about that gave me a somewhat new idea on the way I perceive things. To sort out any confusion, most of this category will be posts such as How Blogging Changed the Way I Read Articles or Successes I’ve Had as a Broke College Student.

I’m expecting to post a lot of this type in my blog because it not only helps me reflect on myself, but it gives me a place to talk about things that I’ve realized that other people might have not thought about themselves.


2. Reviews

As for this category, what I’ll most likely be reviewing is other blog’s, individual blog posts, books, or other types of media that I find interesting and feel like giving a bit of a critique to.

If for example I review a blog, I will be working my hardest to analyze it and bring light to how certain aspects of what are mentioned can be helpful or what might not be as important in my eyes. An example would be the blog ProBlogger, while although I hardly have the authority to say anything negative about this blog, I will bring posts to you guys through my blog that I think have importance and explain why I shared them.

As for reviewing, say a YouTube Channel, I have a bit of experience in video creating and spend a lot of time following content creators on Youtube so this platform will be something I go to for reviews quite often.


3. Inspiration

My idols and inspirations will be talked about regularly in the other categories but I may take time to talk specifically about people that I admire a lot. Whether they are inspiration for my blog posts, self-reflections, or just for getting me to try a new hobby, I will be referencing the people that keep me going.

This category might be part of the smaller, less frequent of my blog posts, but will still be posted as I feel some of you might be interested in who I follow.


4. How to

When it comes to making blog posts or just general things that I want to talk about the process for, this category will be posted frequently. I find it easy to talk about things I’ve learned but I find it more useful to talk about how I’ve learned things that I’ve accomplished.

Examples of what might be posted would appear as How to Create Your YouTube Channel, because I have tried multiple times and have accumulated a good amount of knowledge in this topic. Although I haven’t had too much success in creating a successful channel (there goes my credibility), I still have attempted and know of some techniques and tips that may help others out. I have also created some layouts that I am proud of and want to pass on to others.

This category will also revolve around recommendations for if any of you want me to look into something for you and have me accumulate tips and tutorials. I feel these types of posts are not necessarily easier to make but will be ones that I enjoy creating because I love teaching new things, even if I only have partial interest in what it is for.


5. Current Events

Although I don’t like to get political, I will still occasionally post about things that are going on that I have a certain view of.

I am really into the news and a lot of what happens in the world interests me, even if none of it applies to me.

This category can go both ways in that I might lean more towards recent changes in industries (Ex. Tesla, Amazon, Apple,etc.), although I would also like to reference certain possibly less important but interesting stories such as celebrity controversies (But I will do my best to avoid looking like TMZ or some other critical paparazzi network).


6. Stories

Although I have very little experience in creative writing, it is still something I might dabble in and out of if I find I have an idea that I think is creative.

Regardless of my own stories, I might also post about stories I’ve read on platforms such as Reddit or other blog sites, one of my favorites being Writing Prompts on Tumblr. A lot of these stories I find bizarre and innovative, and I think you will too.


7. Work in Progress

This is where I’ll be posting occasionally what I’m attempting to do. Whether it be recent blog posts that aren’t ready, ideas for stories that I’ve had and barely started, or other random things I’ve dedicated myself to trying.

Using this category, some of the posts in it might be deleted after what I’ve created becomes close to finished, or after a long time, I give in to what I’ve been doing. Maybe I didn’t find the time, maybe I didn’t find it interesting enough to keep my attention, I don’t know… but hopefully there won’t be too many cases of that happening.

I may also post links here to a second blog, if I ever get around to making it, focusing purely on helping with the creation of a quality Youtube Channel.


8. My Life in General

If the title of this category isn’t pretty self explanatory, I may occasionally post thoughts and experiences I’ve had that I want to share here. You may be wondering how this differs from Reflection and the answer to that is a lot of what I add to this category may have nothing to do with self-reflection. In fact, a lot of what I would add here would be what I have questions about and feel misguided toward.

This category may or may not stay because I want this blog to focus more on thoughts and ideas instead of what I am doing when I am not blogging.


9. Miscellaneous

With miscellaneous, I will go off topic, but hopefully not too far off that it upsets the balance of my blog. These will be the posts that can’t be categorized in the above, but will still have some purpose to my blog. If they don’t and they land in this category, if they don’t get attention, or I feel they scramble my blog’s layout of subjects, I may or may not make heavy changes to this.

Everything I post I want to have a purpose for, but if that isn’t the case and I still have something I want to post, this would be the category for that.


Hopefully you guys enjoy what I have to say, and hopefully for some of you, I can build a credible voice for you and can give good advice to lead you in the right direction. This is a journey I want to take having my readers by my side. Enjoy.

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