Five Best Websites To Kill Downtime

Computer play has gone beyond solitaire. Web browsing is no longer goal orientated but entertainment. There are more than 1.5 billion websites online. Each of them is just a click or keystroke away. Some of those 1.5 billion websites have become so good at fighting for our attention, we end up spending multiple hours with... Continue Reading →

3 Ways You Can Eliminate Negative Perception of You

While we all have things we like about ourselves, we still sometimes fall into the self-deprecating trap of assuming others don't see those great things. How we define ourselves might be completely irrelevant to what we tend to believe others might see us as. You might believe yourself to have good physical traits like hair,... Continue Reading →

How Groupthink is Exacerbating Quarantine

The definition of groupthink is letting the social dynamics of a group or situation override the best outcomes. Dissent can be uncomfortable when putting yourself against the majority, so typically the most confident or first voice will determine the group's decisions and thinking. Although groupthink is a fallacy, there are ways in which what is... Continue Reading →

What Makes A Social Media Post Go Viral

"Founders always say, 'I'm going to 'make my thing go viral' - that doesn't mean just adding a share button," (Michael Seibel). We live in a time where because of social media, anything can become really popular. Even if only for a short amount of time. Most people are aware of this and we've seen it... Continue Reading →

Deadlines Are Progress

Deadlines have always been necessary. We know their purpose. We may shy away from deadlines that approach, but those are the only real thing between having a role and acting the way that role is expected to act. Deadlines can mean when something is completely absorbed by us and no longer necessary to work on.... Continue Reading →

Is a Legacy Necessary?

Yesterday, I had my first day of classes for the new semester. One of our tasks as an ice breaker was to answer a question asked to us and ask another person a new question. It was pretty simple and a good engaging way to start the class. However, one of the questions asked had... Continue Reading →

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