The Irony of Clickbait

Starting off I want to say, this title actually isn't clickbait. I'm here to talk about why clickbait has risen, why we see it in such negative light and why it isn't a complete waste of time. We all know about the rise of clickbait. We may have been a victim of it once or twice. Some... Continue Reading →

How the Halo Effect Concerns All of Us

If there's ever been a time you felt mistreated or misunderstood by someone else whether it be an employer, a mutual friend, or a stranger, you may have been the victim of the halo effect. It's known as the halo effect because those we tend to form better first impressions of are more likely to fit... Continue Reading →

Hate is Misunderstood Passion

Movies and TV shows always have an antagonist. We learn to hate that antagonist and what they do, wanting to watch the protagonist take them down... hard. But we also learn to love that antagonists role in the show. We like the buildup of evil so much so and we want them to be the... Continue Reading →

Stories Hit Harder Than Facts

I drove to work this morning and after sitting down at my desk with perfect synchronization from the coffee to finally kick my brain awake, I started to binge Medium stories. A little while in, I noticed something a lot of writers had been doing that I have been neglecting and ignoring. Everyone seems to... Continue Reading →

Form Confidence, Not an Ego

This was a phrase I heard not too long ago that stuck with me for the reason that it really does make sense. Confidence can be good for your work, yourself and anything you do. Ego is just that, but to a far greater extent, is usually misled confidence ending with bad results. I thought... Continue Reading →

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

"If you don't believe in yourself, somewhere or another, you sabotage yourself" (Jason Day). Although we are the ones to make our own progress and be proud of what we have accomplished, we still often are the ones that are the biggest barriers of our own success. It's not uncommon to feel demotivated to do... Continue Reading →

What Does It Mean To Know Thyself?

It's an Ancient Greek aphorism to know thyself, but what exactly does that mean? The person who can be attributed to saying this is debated and the list of possible creators of the phrase is greater than ten. One of which includes Socrates who may be the most commonly thought speaker of the phrase know thyself. Some... Continue Reading →

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