Deadlines Are Progress

Deadlines have always been necessary. We know their purpose. We may shy away from deadlines that approach, but those are the only real thing between having a role and acting the way that role is expected to act. Deadlines can mean when something is completely absorbed by us and no longer necessary to work on.... Continue Reading →

Is a Legacy Necessary?

Yesterday, I had my first day of classes for the new semester. One of our tasks as an ice breaker was to answer a question asked to us and ask another person a new question. It was pretty simple and a good engaging way to start the class. However, one of the questions asked had... Continue Reading →

The Tools We Use Shape Productivity

I write with a fountain pen and have been writing with one for a little over a year. I have gotten different fountain pens, tried different manufacturers fountain pens and even started learning a thing or two about the differences in the pens themselves. All the while, I believe using a fountain pen has helped... Continue Reading →

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